Work Performed

Energy savings and environmental responsibility

A white roof and underground parking allowing us to limit heat islands by reflecting the sun's rays in the summer and strain on sewer drains during downpours by means of limiting waterproof surfaces.

As well, the height of the building provides a more efficient use of the sharing of services and energy to its occupants.

The management team has put in place a process of ''re-commissioning'' of the building. This process consists of modifying the building's operating schedules (Heating, air conditioning and lighting) in order to better correspond to the occupants' true needs by installing and optimising automated controls. Automated lighting controls allow lighting to be shut off during unoccupied periods.

Moreover, comfort parameters, both in function and consumption, are constantly monitored in order to detect and to correct any anomalies as rapidly as possible. A poll of the occupants will be carried out on an annual basis to assure that their satisfaction is attained.

Reduction in the use of drinking water

The ongoing renovation of faucets, toilets and showers and the installation of water consumption meters are in progress in the Caron building in order to attain constant improvement of the plumbing systems.

  • Low flow faucets (1.9lpm/ 0.5 gpm)
  • Low flow showers (5.7lpm / 1.5 gpm)
  • Toilets (6 lpc/1.58gpc)

Ecologically responsible purchasing

The building has an ecologically responsible purchasing program for all products and materials being used.



  • Reduction of mercury brought on site in all bubs

Electrical Equipment

  • Office equipment
  • Appliances
  • Audio-visual equipment


The international ENERGY STAR symbol identifies products that are among the most energy efficient on
the market.

For more information on ENERGY STAR, consult the Government of Canada website.

Modifications and additions to existing installations

  • Recycled drywall
  • VOC
  • FSC certified wood products

Cleaning Products

Reduction and Recycling of Waste

A complete program of multi-matter recycling has been implemented in the building in order to prevent the maximum of products from ending up in land-fills, the object being its re-use.

Gold Castle Holdings is doing business with recycling companies as well as those dealing in the disposal of dangerous waste.


The Caron Building is located at less than 30 metres from the Metro (Place des Arts), at 60 metres from a major bicycle path (de Maisonneuve Blvd.) and in the proximity of a great number of bus routes, some of which have reserved bus lanes. The building is also equipped with installations aimed at bicycle users (secure lockers and showers).

Leasing Agent

David Gold

(514) 842-2966 | (514) 842 9339 | ten.eltsacdlog@gd


Castle Building HVAC System - Coming in Srping 2015

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Mechanical Room

Mechanical Room

Building Surroundings

Building Surroundings




The 2 buildings are located downtown, less than 30m from the Metro and 60m from a major bicycle path (de Maisonneuve). A large number of city bus stops are located nearby both the Caron Bulding and the Castle Building.

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